Riverbed Surfaces in Yangtze Wuhan Section – Jinchu Online

 Dy C P 2008-01-04 U2397P1T1D14662622F21Dt20080104083653Translated by CDT from Jinchu Online (荆楚网):

A stretch of sandy riverbed has surfaced in the middle of the in Wuhan, thanks to a lack of rainfall and a dropping feed from the upper reaches [obviously thanks to the , but the article didn’t mention the dam at all]. This is the year that Wuhan’s Yangtze water level hit its historical low, 14.05 meters. Nearly 20% of the river islands are new in the past five years. [Full Text in Chinese]

[Image: emerged riverbed in Wuhan’s Yangtze section, via sina.com]

January 11, 2008 6:54 PM
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