The Vagrants Behind the Wall – Laohumiao

From Global Voices Blog, original text by , translated by Meng Zhang:

, the host of 2008 Summer Olympics that has been prettified to be the highest honor and dream of the whole country, is trying to show every bright aspect of its stable and harmonious to the whole world, however, when you are almost convinced by the prosperous night scenes around the Forbidden City, you may never think behind some traditional Chinese-style walls, there is another totally different world.

Lao Humiao (老虎庙), a noted blogger and citizen journalist for his personal blog magazine–24hour, has published a series of reports on the people who are living an unimaginably poor life in Beijing. Those shabby vagrants sleeping in their little box shelters are separated from the city’s bustling and flourishing only by an exquisite gray wall: [Full Text]

January 20, 2008, 1:59 PM
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