Tribute to the Taiwanese People – Impressions Following the Taiwanese Election (2)

Beijing based writer/blogger writes on his blog, translated by M.J.:

One cannot help but respect the sanctity that the Taiwanese people attributed to their votes. It is a person’s dignity and the guardian of his rights, it is a testimonial to the worth of one’s life.

How expensive it must have been for those living abroad to purchase tickets! It cost time and energy…but they still rushed back, and represented their own views as Taiwanese citizens on the given Election Day, to cast that sacred vote. We can see that such dignity surpasses any economic measurement. To pilgrimage thousands of miles to Taiwan just for the sake of preserving one’s dignity — I pay tribute to those who traveled back to Taiwan to vote.

Even fugitives did not hesitate to be arrested, then sought bail to be released and allowed to vote. Such an action reinforces the sanctity one feels tied to the power of the vote, to the quality of one’s character, to his qualifications in being able to express his opinions and give recommendations, to be able to choose his leader and ruler — that urge surpasses the fear of indictment and prison. I pay a tribute of respect to those voters!

In order to vote, a mother requests a Caesarian operation to give birth to her child prematurely, willingly spends an extra ten thousand just to leave the hospital earlier, so that she may retain her strength to be able to cast her vote on behalf of the joy and will of the people. To put this kind of dignity before health, before one’s child, and even one’s safety — that is true civil spirit, a brilliant flash reflecting the value of one’s life. I pay tribute to those mothers who got Caesarians in order leave the hospital earlier!
At the same time, I pay tribute to those suffering from serious illness, yet who still request to leave the hospital to vote!

And I pay tribute to even more of the Taiwanese people who have, through their votes, proved the sanctity of their will and their rights.
The news reports that voter turnout was more than 80%. This is enough to say that as just as many Taiwanese people care about politics, about their homeland, care about their lives, and Taiwan; they care even more their dignity and their rights. I pay tribute to the Taiwanese people who are able to pool together all those “cares” and take action, who speak and make their choices through voting!

And especially, a tribute to the democratic political system that permits the Taiwanese people to vote so freely and openly.  

The President of the Nationalist Party Wu Boxiong said: “Who is the greatest, the people are the greatest, the votes in the hands of the people are the greatest.” I pay tribute to the resonant power of such a declaration!

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March 31, 2008, 9:30 PM
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