Early Algae Outbreak Threatens Taihu Lake Again

From Shanghai Daily:

A large outbreak of algae has appeared in Taihu Lake four months earlier than usual, raising concerns that the pollution may mirror last year’s water crisis again in the nearby city of Wuxi, Province.

The blue-green algae were found in western and southern areas of Taihu, the biggest lake in eastern China, Chongqing Morning Post reported today, citing Lin Zexin, the deputy director of the Management Bureau of Taihu Area, who was visiting Chongqing for a conference.

The algae bloom usually takes place in July or August. Last year, it occurred in May, the report said.

Algae can be found widely in water bodies naturally and are not harmful in small amounts. It grows easily in polluted water and can be harmful as it produces a high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorous. An excessive amount of algae removes oxygen from the water, killing aquatic life, which then decay and release more toxins.

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April 15, 2008 3:46 AM
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