Lack of Public Oversight, Wealth Inequality: Worrisome Signs In 2008

Written by Zhong Peizhang (钟沛璋), former Chief of the News Bureau at the Central Publicity Department of the CPC, from China Elections and Governance:

After the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the eleventh session of the National People’s Congress opened. Both meetings focused on the topics of democracy and the people’s livelihood, and both paid great attention to improving the situation for China’s rural residents and improving the well-being of the people. As an element of political system , administrative also took a step forward. This demonstrates that China is continuing to move forward with , and that the tide of history is in the hearts of the people and the party.

In its thirty years of reform and opening up, China has achieved huge successes, which have been praised by both Chinese and non-Chinese alike. There are even those outside of China that summarize China’s experience as “the Beijing Consensus,” which is praise enough to make one drunk with happiness. Open a Chinese newspaper and the “main themes” all sing the country’s praise, while other voices are rarely or never heard. Turn on the television and on each channel you can see performances that extravagantly and luxuriously sing a song of peace and prosperity as well as spectacular feats of engineering. Because of this, people cannot help but adopt the mindset of those passengers aboard the Titanic, entirely unaware that they could hit an iceberg or suffer the surprise attack of a storm. According to a study by the American Pew Research Center on the degree of optimism in seventeen countries, 76% of Chinese respondents believe that the future is bright, more than in any other country.

May 8, 2008 5:17 AM
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