Suffer, the Children


Of all the wrenching images emerging from China’s devastating earthquake, those of the hundreds of crushed in their schools are probably the most poignant. But as grieving parents mourned their , aid workers were rushing to help another vulnerable group: those left orphaned by the disaster. Chinese authorities announced Thursday that 4,000 lost their parents on May 12—a terrible toll in a disaster where the number of official deaths now tops 50,000.

Care for Children, a private organization that runs more than 180 orphanages in over 30 provinces as well as assisting state facilities, is one of the groups trying to help the youngest victims. NEWSWEEK’s Manuela Zoninsein spoke to Robert Glover, executive director of the Beijing-based group, about what he found during his recent visit to the quake-hit Chengdu area.

May 23, 2008, 8:44 AM
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