Videos: Young and Restless in China

On June 17, Frontline will broadcast a documentary exploring life for young people in China today:

FRONTLINE explores the generation coming of age in China today. Shot over four years, the film follows a group of nine young Chinese from across the country as they scramble to keep pace with a society changing as fast as any in history. Their stories of ambition and desire, exuberance, crime and corruption are interwoven with moments of heartache and despair. Together they paint an intimate portrait of the generation that is remaking China.

Watch three excerpts below:

Rapper Wang Xiaolei, aka MC Sir, uses his music to express a dark view of China’s new boom times.

Entrepreneur Ben Wu, who also works for a major multinational, opens a busy Internet cafe.

Public interest lawyer Zhang Jingjing represents more than 1,000 families in a dispute over a power line built for the Olympic games.

June 12, 2008, 12:32 PM
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