China Jails Liu Lun, Its First Office Sex Pest

From The Times:

A human resources manager has become the first Chinese man to be found guilty of , in a case that highlights the continuing struggle towards equality for women in China.

Liu Lun was accused of inviting one of his women staff, Chen Dan, into his office to discuss work matters but then told her that he wanted to become her boyfriend. When the woman turned him down, he held her by the neck and kissed her.“Miss Chen screamed out and fought back. Colleagues next door heard her and called the police,” state media said.

Liu, who works for a company in southwestern China, was found guilty of using force to act indecently towards a woman, and ordered to serve time in jail. It was the first time that a law enacted in 2005 had been used successfully to prosecute a suspected offender.

July 17, 2008 3:35 AM
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