China’s Environmental Retreat

From Washington Post:

In February, the Fuan textile factory became one of the first major casualties of China’s anti- campaign when the multimillion-dollar company was shut down for dumping waste from dyes into a neighboring river and turning it red.

But as the country’s economy began to cool this fall and job losses mounted, the company was resurrected. Encouraged by the government, Fuan changed its name, moved to a new location and quietly reopened.

With the global economy at the edge of recession, China appears to be turning away from previous pledges to improve its record on . In this, China is hardly alone: A climate-change proposal in Europe that a few months ago seemed like a sure thing has now divided the continent because of its anticipated expense, and worldwide, money for the development of renewable energy sources has been drying up.

November 19, 2008, 4:01 AM
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