Dispatches from the Chinese Bloggers Conference

The following are dispatches from bloggers who attended the recently concluded Chinese Bloggers Conference in Guangzhou. Attendees at the conference included a broad range of bloggers who write on technology, business, culture, and a variety of other topics. CN Reviews blogged the conference and the presentations by many of the participants. Most of the discussions centered around technology, the Internet, culture and business. But inevitably a few bloggers turn their thoughts to more political topics, as these posts show:

In the concluding speech of the conference, Chinese blogger Yang Hengjun reflected on how the Internet has played a significant role in informing the public in China, and how blogging has renewed his life (excerpts translated by CDT’s Linjun Fan):

… I started writing my first blog in April 2007 when my mother was struggling with a severe illness and when my mind was deeply troubled. I haven’t been able to stop blogging since then. I’ve published a total of more than 700,000 words on the Internet in the past year and a half. Some may say that I am crazy. I reply that I would have gone crazy if I didn’t write down what’s on my mind. I’ve been to many places and taken on various jobs. My jobs are mostly related to public administration, public service, and to the search for truth…I can’t emphasize more the significance of blogging to my life. It is a bridge that connects my past with my present, and with my future. It’s a bridge that connects me with my mother and my offspring. It’s a spiritual home I built for myself. …Why do I say that blogging connects us with our mothers and our future? Just think about it for a moment: without blogging, how could we know where Yang Jia’s mother was? ...
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