The Dirty Secret on China’s Railways

A post from the blog Zhongnanhai translates a Tianya BBS discussion on the underhanded dealings of train . According to the poster, a ticket agent he saw had a large number of remaining tickets that were selectively sold, to the disadvantage of most buyers in line. The following are some of the translated comments on the post:

s65  2009-1-5 8:59:56
The tickets were definitely for . This is an open secret and hidden rule in this industry. Like melamine in the dairy industry.

炎黄子孙2008 2009-1-5 9:03:33 
I finally got the ticket from Zhenjiang to Guiyang. I literally waited in line for 3 days.  

JHBO79311 2009-1-5 10:21:50
Good post! I really hope the Ministry can see this post. Their regulations and rules are just for show!

It is so hard to buy a train ticket during spring festival period every year. In many cities, the ticket sell office and agent are like the post described. People who are waiting in line are hardly to get one ticket, but people who has contacts inside can get whatever ticket at whatever time they want. People who are waiting in line can just purchase high price ticket from scalpers.

January 9, 2009 10:02 PM
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