China Police Take Away Citizens Airing Grievances

Audra Ang of the Associated Press reports on the detention of citizens protesting against .

Police in China’s capital took away at least eight people trying to air grievances in front a government building Friday, days ahead of a key review of the country’s human rights record by the United Nations.

The eight were part of a loosely organized group of about 30 people from all around the country who had come to Beijing in hopes the central government would help them with a variety of problems, mostly centered around local corruption.

They gathered in front of the Cabinet’s information office Friday morning as more than a dozen officers and several squad cars stood by. Some carried banners but did not unfurl them. One said “Safeguard human rights. I love China,” while another was painted with the Chinese character for “injustice.”

February 6, 2009, 1:04 AM
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