Xinhua’s Revision Notice on Xi Jinping’s Speech

From the Hong Kong-based Ming Pao, via the New Century News, translated by CDT:

On March 1st, the official News Agency reported that Chinese Vice President , who also serves as president of the Central School of the Chinese Communist Party, made a speech emphasizing that cadres must improve their own overall capacity and loyalty to the party. The report itself is not too newsworthy. But on the same night, News Agency issued a revision of the speech to the Chinese media, and the revision is interesting.

Here is the full text of Xinhua’s revision notice: In today’s broadcast of the report, “Xi Jinping Emphasizes Cadres Must Improve Their Own Overall Capacity and Loyalty to the Party, the end of the third paragraph read, “Six, one must improve their capability in dealing with the media, be good at using media correctly, manage media scientifically, and effectively guide public opinion.” Please change this paragraph to “Six, one must improve their capability in dealing with the media, respect the ways that news and public opinion propagates, correctly guide public opinion, be closely in touch with the media, self-consciously accept being monitored by public opinion.”



March 4, 2009 10:03 PM
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