Breaking on Twitter: Thugs Harrass and Detain Deng Yujiao Journalist

tweeting_thugsFrom Danwei blog:

This afternoon this statement (image above, in translation below) is all over and its Chinese clones.

I am Yang Xiao, a Southern People journalist based in Beijing. My colleague Wei Yi was at ’s grandmother’s home (at Yesanguanmulongya). When he was interviewing her, men of unknown identity beat him up and took him away (New Century Weekly journalist Kong Pu was present).

To find the many tweets that are passing on this news, do searches for the Chinese characters for Yang on Twitter, and

Update: I have not been able to find the original tweet from Yang Xiao on Twitter or any of its Chinese clones. If any reader knows the URL of Yang Xiao’s stream, please leave it in the comments.

See also “Deng Yujiao Case Reporters Assaulted” and “Thousands March For Deng Yujiao” from ESWN.

May 28, 2009, 8:05 AM
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