Directory of Women English-language China Bloggers

CNReviews is compiling a list of China written by, or primarily by, . They are accepting suggestions of additional sites in their comments section. From the introduction:

Last week, after my post about Eclectic China Blogs–offering an antidote to the “standard business and current affairs white-dude-in-China blogs”– an interesting blog and email conversation emerged between Adam Minter, Laurence Sheed, Fiona Lee, and myself about why there seem to be fewer women writing English-language blogs about China.

Do women bring a different and distinct voice to the English-language China blogosphere? Why do expatriate men in China blog? Do expatriate women blog for different reasons? What do women choose to express that men do not? And other way around?

I started to organize a list of English-language blogs about China written by women.

May 4, 2009, 9:08 PM
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