Govt Taken To Court Over Pollution

From China Daily:

China is set to see its first lawsuit by an environmental interest group against a government department within a month, a local judge said Thursday.

On Tuesday, Qingzhen municipal people’s court in Guizhou province accepted the suit by the All-China Environment Federation, an interest group under the Ministry of .

The federation, on behalf of local residents, brought the Qingzhen municipal land and resources management bureau to court for failing to properly handle a construction project for nearly 15 years, said Liu Haiying, deputy head of the environmental protection tribunal of the court.

In 1994, the bureau leased land for a factory to produce beverages. But construction has not been completed and is alleged to be potentially harmful to two adjacent lakes that serve as sources of drinking water for locals, Liu told China Daily.

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July 31, 2009, 8:36 AM
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