Graying Shanghai Encourages Couples To Have 2 Kids

From AP:

officials in are making home visits and slipping leaflets under doorways to encourage certain residents to have a second child in a bid to balance the city’s expanding senior population.

A statement about the new campaign posted Thursday on the Web site of the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission was quick to emphasize that it didn’t signal any change in China’s one-child rule and was only an attempt to let people know about the policy’s many exceptions.

About 3 million, or 21 percent, of Shanghai’s nearly 13.7 million registered residents are now aged 60 or older, the statement said.

Xie Lingli, the commission’s director, was quoted as saying authorities will go door to door to try to encourage couples to have a second child if both grew up as only children.

July 23, 2009 7:38 PM
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