Is Bo Xilai’s Corruption Crackdown Good for China?

From Global Voices Online, John Kennedy shares netizen responses to the effectiveness of — and motivations behind — Party Secretary ’s anti- campaign:

While results from the ongoing crackdown on corruption in central China’s Chongqing municipality have shown the campaign’s effectiveness and boosted the popularity of Bo Xilai, the high-ranking CCP official heading it, online discussion has also featured several questions.

Such as questioning of the CCP internal discipline ‘double regulation’, through which has already led to the death of one high-ranking police official suspect. Also, Bo’s motives, whether the crackdown is spurred more by his political ambitions and an eye on the top spot than a commitment to transparency and rule of law. There’s also the problem of how the CCP might effectively curb corruption when it’s the biggest player in it.

September 26, 2009, 7:42 PM
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