Heavy Snow Brings Beijing to Standstill

Reuters reports that a heavy snow fall has shutdown Beijing, closing the airport and highways leading from the city:

snowThe last time northern China was hit by a spell of snow storms in November food prices spiked due to delivery difficulties, driving up inflation unexpectedly that month.

The latest snowstorm and the likelihood roads may stay backlogged for several days could fuel fresh worries about inflation. State radio said some vegetable prices had begun to rise following the snow… The snow is expected to stop falling in Beijing on Monday, but temperatures are likely to drop further, with lows of around -20 Celsius, forecasters said.

Beijing, which over the past few years has seen little winter snow, has experienced several falls so far this season, including at least one man-made snowstorm to help ease a prolonged drought.

January 3, 2010 1:11 PM
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