China Activist Lawyer’s Wife Seeks his Whereabouts

Geng He, the wife of missing lawyer , has disputed government claims that her husband has been in touch with her. From AP:

“For a very long time I have not heard from him, and I do not know where he is now,” Gao’s wife, Geng He, said in a statement released by the New York-based group Human Rights in China.

Her statement comes after a San Francisco-based human rights group, the Dui Hua Foundation, said last week it was told by the Chinese Embassy in Washington that Gao was working in Urumqi, capital of western China’s Xinjiang region, and had been in touch with his wife and relatives.

Dui Hua did not say what kind of work Gao was allegedly doing or where he was staying. Urumqi is about 1,800 miles (2,880 kilometers) west of Beijing.

“Unless the Chinese government truly makes good on what it is declaring to the outside world and allows my husband to get in contact with me directly, I have no way of verifying his current whereabouts and whether he is safe and free,” Geng said.

Read more about Gao Zhisheng via CDT.

February 18, 2010 9:44 AM
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