Domestic Security Department: Eliminating Hot Button Issues on a Local Level (Part 1 of 2)

The Domestic Security Department (国内安全保护支队)is a branch of the police force within the Ministry of Public Security, specializing in collecting intelligence, infiltrating and dealing with political dissidents, human rights activists, petitioners, religious groups as well as “subversive” activities in the cultural, educational and economics domains. It is a massive, secretive and omnipotent security apparatus within the giant police machine of the PRC. [Read more about the Domestic Security Department, or DSD, here.]

The following documents include reports from three DSD branches at local PSBs in Yunnan and Sichuan and provides details about how the DSD offices operate on the local level. Translated by CDT:

(1) (Yunnan Province) Domestic Security Department (DSD) Intensifies its “Large Interview Program” to Diligently Detect and Eliminate Factors that Influence Social and Political Stability in Our Area
Updated on: February 11, 2010 at 11:31 PM
Search Number: 533300-015-
Title: Domestic Security Department (DSD) Intensifies its “Large Interview Program” to Diligently Detect and Eliminate Factors that Influence Social and Political Stability in Our Area

Since January, Nujiangzhou Public Security Bureau Domestic Security Department (DSD) conducted interviews with a total of three companies and over one hundred people from among the masses. [The DSD] detected and eliminated eleven hot button issues that affected our region’s social and political stability. These issues involved 2,694 people. (Specifically, there were three incidents involving thirty people that dealt with the late payment of migrant workers’ wages, one incident involving 130 people that dealt with environmental pollution, and three incidents involving 50 people that dealt with disputes over forests, land, and grazing land. The other four incidents involved 2,484 people.)

In order to detect and eliminate hot button issues, two early warning systems were created, eight observers were established, eight contact people were established, and fourteen informants were established. There were seven issues that were settled, and there are four issues that the relevant departments are currently working to resolve (including three forestland issues and one environmental pollution issue).

(2) (Yunnan Province) Wenshan County Public Security Bureau Domestic Security Department Achieves Initial Successes
Search Number: 532621-010689-20091231-0002
Promulgating Agency: Wenshan County Public Security Bureau (PSB)
Date of Release: December 31, 2009
Title: Wenshan County Public Security Bureau Domestic Security Department Achieves Initial Successes

The year 2009 was the first year in which the Wenshan County Public Security Bureau (PSB) comprehensively carried out the work of having police stations participate in Domestic Security Department (DSD) work.

In this first year, each police station [under the] Wenshan County PSB achieved initial success in their involvement with domestic security work and achieved definite results by following the deployment arrangements of the PSB. [These initial successes were also achieved] through the combined efforts of the DSD and each police station, as well as through the efforts of DSD full-time cadres and branch station leaders, the correct guidance of the County Party Committee, and the guiding help of higher ranking DSD departments.

So far this year, the DSD has actively organized and gathered eighteen full-time DSD cadres from eighteen police stations as well as police station and branch station DSD leaders to attend unified professional DSD training. In addition, the town’s DSD captain and the leader of the County DSD personally presented lectures [at the training].

Concurrently, the “Handbook on Wenshan County Public Security Bureau Police Station Domestic Security Department Work” was edited and published. The book was disseminated to each police station and each DSD full-time cadre within the entire Bureau. The publication and dissemination of the “Handbook” resolved ground level police departments’ and DSD full-time cadres’ questions concerning DSD work such as the following: how to perform the work, in what way should the work be done, and what kind of work should be done. [The “Handbook”] further standardized the approach of police stations within the entire county towards the tasks of accounting, information gathering and reporting, and controlling critical people and situations.

In 2009, the entire county’s eighteen police stations altogether collected and reported 207 items of DSD intelligence. Forty-eight items were selected to be reported up, 120 items were specially reported, thirty-six people were listed to be monitored as DSD critical people and thirteen situations were listed to be monitored as DSD critical situations. In addition, eighty-nine DSD informants and ninety contact people were established.

(3) (Sichuan) Meishan City, Dongpu District Public Security Branch Office

1. Put Domestic Security Department (DSD) Work First in Protecting National Security and Social Stability

The multi-channeled, multi-layered intelligence network that provides complete coverage of intelligence information is made up of the following: a first-rate DSD intelligence station created by a 70,000 RMB investment, a system of nearly one thousand informants, contact people and special intelligence personnel all organized around the motto “special intelligence personnel are the mainstay, informants and contact people are the support.” This intelligence network has had a major positive influence in protecting Dongpo’s social stability.

In 2008 [Dongpo’s DSD] received first place in the citywide DSD professional tournament. It was ranked by the provincial level [DSD] as an all-province, level one Public Security DSD Corps.

[to be continued]

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