Tweets from the Morning of May 35th

ChinaGeeks has translated selected about the 21st anniversary of . The date “” or 64 has long been a taboo word on all Chinese websites and search engines. However, if one searches “May 35th” (in Chinese) on Baidu today, one can still find over 3600 results, and if you Google “May 35th”, you will find about 7,550,000 results.

From Teng Biao:

That year, machine guns shattered our dreams of freedom, and tanks crushed our youthful bodies. We have been silent, but we have not forgotten. We are survivors of a massacre; remembering is a survivor’s duty. I salute those who gave their lives, their blood, and their freedom on June 4th! I salute those people who struggle against the lies and the forgetting!

From monnand:

That year, Wang Zhen and Li Peng said they would happily sacrifice 200,000 people in exchange for 20 years of stability. This year is the twenty-first year…

From luosidao:

Silent tribute. The Party-state is so afraid every year; can refusing to admit [their wrongs] really wipe away everything?

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Also, the following photos are making the rounds of Twitter:
(“We’ve already waited 21 years…”)

(“Mama, I’m hungry but I can’t eat,” a phrase used by hunger striking students in 1989.)

June 4, 2010 11:01 PM
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