Electronics Workers on Strike in Northern China

Chinese workers at a Tianjin-based Japanese electronics company have gone on strike. From the Associated Press:

In Tokyo, Mitsumi Electric Co. spokesman Yoshitsugu Murakami said production at its Tianjin factory has been stopped since Tuesday, apparently after factory workers walked out, demanding improved working conditions.

Workers at the factory – which employs about 2,800 people – are unionized and they have submitted a list of requests, which Murakami declined to elaborate on. Company officials are currently trying to assess the situation. He said he did not have information indicating a major rally at the factory.

A worker, who gave only her surname Wang, said employees at the Tianjin Mitsumi Electric plant were demanding pay raises and better working conditions.

“We’re on strike because the factory has never increased our wages and they keep increasing our workload. It’s too tiring,” she told The Associated Press.

July 1, 2010 2:50 AM
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