Migrant Families Complain about Educational Exclusion

Parents have started letter writing campaigns protesting the rule that requires students to take national college entrance examination in their hukou, or residence permit, region. Many of the letters’ signatories are . From China Daily:

For 41-year-old Zhang Jiandang, who left Anhui province 16 years ago to make his fortune in Beijing, life is going well.

He has a nice house, a car and a family-owned company in the capital, but something is still missing.

As is the case with other so-called migrant families, Zhang’s son is excluded from taking part in the crucial national college entrance examination in Beijing because none of the family’s members have permanent residency papers for the capital – a coveted Beijing hukou.

[…] Now, Zhang is among 10 parents who are organizing a campaign calling for changes.

The parents have written a series of letters lobbying the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

[…] The letter was signed by 12,532 parents, of which 90 percent were migrant workers living in Beijing.

November 26, 2010, 7:37 PM
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