800-Year Old “Sleeping Beauty” Discovered in Southwest China

Three ancient have been unearthed in Chongqing, one of which contained a female mummy estimated to be 800 years old. From Caijing:

Construction workers in southwest China’s Chong Qing Municipality discovered three ancient tombs with one housing a 30 to 40 cm-long female mummy, covered with mud, local authority said.

The mummy was found in a oblong rectangular box at the tomb on March 1 in Tongshanqiao, a village in Shangping District’s Xi Yong Town in Chong Qing.

Along with the mummy discovered was a hair pin made from jade. It was suspected that the tombs were built some 800 years ago.

Images of flowers, waitresses and mythical creatures were carved on the walls of the tombs.

March 18, 2011 9:41 PM
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