No Change In Beijing’s Hukou System

China’s system has long been cited as an institutionalized source of inequality and disparity among the population and a source of population control. Despite recent talks of reform, it seems that cities are opting to keep it as is. From China Daily:

The permanent population in Beijing has increased by 500,000 every year during the recent times, Zhao Lei, vice director of Beijing municipal commission of development and reform told the paper. As an economic center, the capital has provided more job opportunities and higher wages, which is a main attraction for the population influx, he said.

However, frictions between the massive population and the environmental resources have become increasingly significant during these years, including traffic congestions, lack of medical service and education resources. Therefore, Beijing will improve its management of the population and keep the household registration system, the paper quoted Zhao as saying.

Debate over hukou reform has been prevalent in recent years. Many say it is urgent, especially as a new generations of better educated migrant workers come to dominate the workforce. To learn about the hukou system, see here. To read more about reforming the hukou system, see here.

March 16, 2011, 6:29 PM
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