Han, Tibetan Students Clash

Yesterday CDT posted a translation of a blog post allegedly written by a Han Chinese student at Chengdu’s Railroad Engineering School which described a brutal attack against Tibetan students at the school. Radio Free Asia has interviewed officials and students about the incident:

An official from the Propaganda Department in Sichuan, identified only as Mr. Yang, said there was a “minor scuffle.” He could not provide any details.

Referring to reports that “several thousand students” were involved in the clashes, he said, “No, not that many.”

“Don’t believe the rumors. This is not a fight, only some minor scuffling. It has calmed down now. They resumed classes the next day. I don’t think this is such a big thing.”

But a volunteer of Tianwang, a non-governmental organization in Chengdu, said he went to the school on Friday night and saw a dozen anti-riot police and ordinary police personnel standing on guard at the school entrance.

“There were not only uniform police but some plainclothed police near the entrance of the school. There were no classes. [What I heard] there were students injured, including Hans and Tibetans, but I don’t know if anyone is dead.”

December 17, 2011 11:09 PM
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