China in Africa: King Cobra and the Dragon

In the most recent episode of Al Jazeera’s People & Power, Solange Chatelard documents her time in during the campaign and election of Michael Sata. From the video’s introduction:

China’s increasing engagement with Africa has become a subject of great controversy. The country’s commercial interests in Africa have been called a new form of colonialism by some in the West, but many Africans say that China is a better partner than Europe or the US. But what is the reality in the African nations with the longest standing links to China?

The episode sums up major arguments in the ongoing debate around the overall implications of China’s relationship with Zambia and Africa at large. In the video, Chatelard conducts up-close interviews with local Zambians, Chinese nationals assimilating into Zambian society, and the major candidates in September’s presidential election.


January 6, 2012, 1:47 PM
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