Serial Killers in China

Danwei has a lengthy report on serial killers in China, many of whom are unknown by the public due to a lackadaisical police force and propaganda officials who don’t want to stories reported. The article starts with a graphic description of a killer who, together with his girlfriend, would lure young women to his apartment, torture them, steal their bank account information and money, and then dismember their bodies:

Almost ten years after their last victims — two prostitutes robbed of 160,000 yuan — were found stuffed down a drain, Yang Shubin’s kill team were discovered playing happy families, running a successful foot massage parlour and billiard room. The Harbin police view the case as both a major success — and an unprecedented case in recent history.

But the case is not unprecedented.

“China has a serial killer problem,” Beijing criminologist Professor Peng Weimin (a pseudonym by his request) told me over a two hour dinner of dumplings in Beijing. Sipping from his beer, small flecks of grey in his donnish black hair, Peng reeled off a series of anecdotes concerning various killers from the past. He knew the details of some cases, but often he was able to offer just outlines: prostitutes that washed up on a river bank in Shenzhen, tales from a north-eastern city where dozens of schoolchildren never came home.

Read the propaganda directives banning reporting on several murder cases in September, mentioned in the Danwei report, via CDT.

January 12, 2012 11:13 PM
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