Three Chinese Miners Rescued in Hunan

Chinese state media has reported that a gas explosion in Hunan has killed seven people. Mining accidents in China occur frequently, and reports claim that the official death toll over the past ten years has reached over 47,000. From Asiaone: The explosion killed the miners on Sunday morning at the mine in Lianyuan city, though 39 others escaped, the official Xinhua news agency said, quoting the local government. Water rushed into the mine on Wednesday evening, trapping 16 miners underground as 24 others managed to escape. The accident was not reported to the government until the following day, delaying rescue efforts by 12 hours, Xinhua said, adding that the mine's owner, Liu Yaping, was now in police custody. There are also reports of 11 workers confirmed to be alive under the flooded mine. China Daily reports: Rescuers confirmed early Sunday that 11 of the 16 trapped miners were alive three days after they became trapped under a flooded colliery pit in central China's Hunan province. Medical personnel had gone into the pit carrying stretchers and first-aid material, said the rescuers, adding that the 11 miners would be saved out of the pit in three groups and rushed to hospital for further treatment. Six professional teams of 90 members and more than 1,000 people were at the scene to carry out rescue operations. According to the Xinhua, three miners have been rescued after being underground for three days: The first group of three miners were lifted to ground early Sunday after being trapped for over three days under a flooded colliery pit in central China's Hunan province, rescuers said. The three mine workers were pulled out of a pit of Qielichong colliery in Leiyang city, at about 1:40 a.m. and were immediately sent to a local hospital, the rescue headquarters said ...
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