Hexie Farm (蟹农场): Grandpa Wen’s Nightmare

For his latest installment of the Hexie Farm CDT series, cartoonist Crazy Crab illustrates an imagined nightmare of outgoing Premier . At the upcoming , during which Wen is expected to cede his position to Li Keqiang, Wen is delivering a work report. However, in this nightmare, he instead finds in his hands a copy of the New York Times exposé  of his family’s vast wealth, and he is naked. In the background, the other representatives are laughing at Wen, but they are also naked. “Naked officials,” a term that denotes cadres whose ill-gotten wealth (and family) has been shipped overseas, appear frequently in Crazy Crab’s cartoons.

Grandpa Wen’s Nightmare, by Crazy Crab of for CDT:

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