Twitter Accounts Attacked as Congress Begins (Updated)

In the last few hours, a number of China-watchers have received warnings about attempts to compromise their Twitter accounts: Wow, my Twitter account just got hacked. Party Congresses are such fun. — Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec) November 8, 2012 Hmm. Just notified by Twitter that others were attempting access to cmphku account. — China Media Project (@cmphku) November 8, 2012 Count me among those reporting their twitter accts were hacked/compromised in the last hour. also @cmphku @prchovanec — Adam Minter (@AdamMinter) November 8, 2012 @tulletilsynet I got kicked off Twitter with a message that account had been compromised, sent me an email link to reset password — Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec) November 8, 2012 And me. Should I feel proud? @adamminter: Count me among those reporting twitter accts were hacked in the last hour also @cmphku @prchovanec — Offbeat China (@OffbeatChina) November 8, 2012 @larsonchristina @prchovanec @offbeatchina @adamminter @cmphku Me too. And I’m not even in Beijing this week. — Mara Hvistendahl (@MaraHvistendahl) November 8, 2012 At The Next Web, Josh Ong has posted a screenshot of the warning sent to China Media Project, as well as background on similar cases and other current disruptions. Twitter’s support pages offer suggestions for keeping your account secure, including the following basics:
  • Use a strong password.
  • Watch out for suspicious links, and always make sure you’re on before you enter your login information.
  • Don’t give your username and password out to untrusted third-parties, especially those promising to get you followers or make you money.
  • Make sure your computer and operating system is up-to-date with the most recent patches, upgrades, and anti-virus software.
  • Updated on November 8th at 10:55 PST: As the number of reports increased, it became clear that the forced password resets were not limited to China or those with links to it. ...
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    2 Responses to Twitter Accounts Attacked as Congress Begins (Updated)

    1. Chris Crook says:

      Also worth mentioning that you can use the LastPass plugin to generate random secure passwords and have them securely stored on your computer, or on their site.

    2. Jin Beili says:

      I suggest one who are above me using this means momentarily,because it’s too inconvenient.
      How can you do in case the plugin works properly no longer?

    November 7, 2012, 10:37 PM
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