Censorship Vault: CCTV Anchor Wants Press Freedom

CCTV news anchor Bai Yansong is pushing for press freedom.

CCTV anchor is pushing for . (@华创传媒老薄)

From the features previously untranslated instructions from the archives of the CDT series (真理部指令).

Department: Do not report, comment on, or reprint the Beijing News story on Bai Yansong‘s views on legislation. The website of the Suzhou Review inappropriately published the commentary “A Bit of Support for Bai Yansong: Speed Up News Legislation,” which constitutes erroneous behavior. Let this be an example to other media. (March 6, 2013)


Star CCTV news anchor Bai Yansong is a delegate at the ongoing Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, held in tandem with the National People’s Congress (NPC). On the eve of the Congress, Bai said he would be advocating the passage of the News Law to protect press freedom. “The mission of this generation of journalists is to push for the gradual realization of press freedom in China,” Bai told the Southern Weekly, according to Radio Free Asia [zh]. “But the day true press freedom arrives will be the day I leave the profession.”

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