Bo Xilai Needs You

From Dan Harris at China Law Blog (via William Moss):

Dear prospective partner,

I am writing to you in respect of an embattled friend of mine, . My name is Mr. Harry Bennett and I am a top management Executive at the legal department of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (London) Limited. […]

My friend Mr. Bo Xilai has presented a subtle offer to me which requires the help of a financially credible partner to complete successfully. Mr. Xilai is in a difficult situation with the Chinese government and he wants the sum of $25 million currently in a fixed-term deposit with the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China retrieved immediately for investment placement. […] [Source]

CDT is waiting to hear whether this is a parody or a genuine . In the meantime, read more about “Mr. Xilai’s” difficult situation and those of his past business associates in our archives.

September 13, 2013 1:19 PM
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