Tibetan Activist Woeser on Her Latest House Arrest

Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser discusses her recent house arrest and the current situation in Tibet with The New York Times. She and her husband were confined to their Beijing home for two days after she was invited to a dinner at the U.S. embassy during Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit last week. From Edward Wong:

“When the embassy contacted me, it was via my mobile phone, which has always been tapped,” Ms. said in a telephone interview on Monday. “So I was a little surprised by the invitation when they called. I thought, hmm, a real invitation. The national security guys surely know. Such a public invitation, does that mean it was granted? I was a little surprised by the invitation itself, but not the .”

[…] Most of the guards were students from the People’s Public Security University, which provides training in security and law enforcement, Ms. Woeser wrote on her blog, “Invisible ,” on the night the house arrest began.

[…] “They were summer interns,” she wrote on Twitter. “They were learning how to deal in the future with the enemies of the party.” [Source]

See more on Woeser, including a February profile by PRI’s The World, via CDT.

July 15, 2014, 3:55 AM
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