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Heavy Agenda at Annual Strategic Dialogue as US, China Try to Manage Their Differences

China and the U.S. will hold a third round of Strategic and Economic Dialogue May 9-10 in Washington DC.  From Associated Press: What began in 2006 as a purely economic forum with treasury and central bank leaders has expanded during the Obama administration to cover strategic and security issues that loom increasingly large as China’s global reach and military power grows,

May 8, 2011

In China, Fear of Fake Eggs and ‘Recycled’ Buns

The flurry of recent food scandals has left Chinese consumers cautious and extremely wary. The newest Chinese food scandal revolves around “fake eggs” and “recycled” buns, or baozi. From NY Times: Mr. Zhu’s buns were soft, tasty and fresh, made every day, he said, at 3 a.m. The supermarket’s, on the other hand, came from a filthy workshop where workers “recycle

May 7, 2011

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