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Claire Kells is a graduate student at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. She is concentrating in Human Rights as well as learning Mandarin.
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Blogging in the Time of Cholera

An outbreak of cholera on Hainan Island has resulted in over 50 confirmed cholera cases.  East, South, West, North has translated the blog of a female student at Hainan University.  She writes about her experience under cholera quarantine: In class today, Yuanyuan said that Jiajia felt sick and has gone to the hospital.  At noon, Jiajia came back.  She was feeling good enough

November 8, 2008

chinaSMACK: translating the most outrageous of Chinese BBS

Jeremy Goldkorn at Danwei published an interview with the founder and contributors of chinaSMACK.  china SMACK offers a look at “Hot internet stories, pictures, & videos in China.  What’s popular, scandalous, or shocking that have the Chinese talking.”  Here’s an excerpt from the interview: When did you first start following Chinese online conversation,

October 22, 2008

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