Author: Glenn Tiffert

Profiting From Benchmarks: Reasons Behind China’s Rush To Develop Standards (Part Two) (ChinaTechNews)

April 15, 2004 “China’s standards development process continues to be unclear and lacks transparency, planning, and open channels for international input. There is an unmistakable tendency on the part of the Chinese government to use locally developed standards to achieve protectionist purposes. Whether they have been playing the China game for years, or are relative

April 15, 2004

How’s China Doing? Yardsticks You Never Thought of (New York Times)

April 11, 2004 “Is China, with its mix of raw capitalism and tattered Leninist politics, edging toward a more liberal, middle-class state or is it hurtling toward a political seizure?” “Following is an idiosyncratic list of seven trends that bear watching…” Click here for the full story.

April 11, 2004