Author: Josie Liu

Josie Liu is a journalist from China who once worked for the South China Morning Post and other newspapers in Beijing. She currently writes the “China in Transition” blog.
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For a Chinese-American Writer, Split Images of China

People in China have long been familiar with the rural-urban dichotomy of China. But for many people outside China, there is also a dichotomy of ancient vs. modern China. This is true for Deanna Fei, a Chinese American writer who recently published her novel debut: A Thread of Sky. With the “new China,” i.e. the post-Mao, modernized, booming China, as its main backdrop, this novel presents

July 22, 2010

Josie Liu: Wake Up People! And Stop Killing our Children!

Nothing is more horrifying and evil than purposefully slaying children in groups. Yet in China,  five such crimes occurred across the country in the past 40 days. On March 23, eight elementary school students were killed by a man at the gate of their school in Nanping, Fujian; April 12, several elementary school students were injured in front of their school in Hepu, Guangxi; April

May 6, 2010