Author: Olivia Rosenman

Olivia lives in Hong Kong where she has just completed a masters in journalism. She is currently working at the South China Morning Post and freelancing in her spare time. Her undergraduate studies were in Chinese and Linguistics at the University of Sydney.
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Easy Credit Dries Up, Choking Growth in China

Shenmu is a dried up boom town in northwestern China that illustrates the effects of China’s recent slowdown. Luxury goods stores, exclusive private clubs and extravagant restaurants thrived as China’s economy boomed. But since loan defaults have become commonplace, credit is much harder to obtain and according to one Shenmu resident, “There’s no cash, everyone stays home without

August 19, 2013

Constitutionalism and Socialism: Hot Potatoes

At China Media Project, David Bandurski argues that “there is now little doubt that the defining ideological debate in China this year will be that between constitutionalism and socialism.” He traces the issue back to last year’s celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Chinese Constitution, in which Xi Jinping strongly endorsed the authority of the constitution and

August 16, 2013