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Sophie Beach lives in Berkeley, California. She previously served as senior research associate for Asia at the Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based press freedom organization. She received her master's degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Her writing about China has been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the South China Morning Post, The Nation magazine, and other publications.
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An Investigation into China’s Peasantry computer virus

An Investigation into China’s Peasantry (中国农民调查), the banned book whose authors have been sued for libel, is apparently so popular that it is being used to spread a computer virus. Eswn posted news from Duowei News about a new virus being spread through instant messaging, which uses the following subject heading to

October 14, 2004

China to conduct first nationwide survey on AIDS epidemic

AFP reported that the Chinese government plans to carry out the first ever nationwide survey on the sale of blood and HIV/Aids: “The Ministry of Health issued an order Wednesday requesting provinces and cities throughout China carry out a comprehensive search to ‘fully grasp’ who sold blood and test them for the HIV virus. ‘Not one person should be missed,’

October 14, 2004

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