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China 2009: The Confidence Deficit

From the BusinessWeek: It’s a question that has economists worldwide scratching their heads: What will happen to growth in China in 2009? While some are predicting economic expansion in the mainland will slow to less than 7%, others are still hoping GDP gains will be 9%-plus. The optimists assume China will be able to buck collapsing U.S. and European demand for its phones,

December 31, 2008

IDF: Rocket that Hit Beersheba School Made in China

From Brigadier-General Avraham Ben-David told reporters that in light of the rocket attacks on Beersheba, all planned events with over 100 participants will be cancelled, including New Year’s Eve parties. … The army official said the rocket that struck the school in Beersheba was manufactured in China, is heavier than the Qassam and can “potentially

December 31, 2008