China’s future

Anxieties and Hopes for China’s Future

There are many causes for anxiety in Chinese society today: a weak job market, a stressful work environment, food safety issues, poisonous air, the list goes on. Tencent News recently produced a video profiling young, urban...

Forum: China’s Other Revolution

Last week, CDT linked to Edward Steinfeld’s article in Boston Review in which he argued that Taiwan and South Korea provided examples for China’s political future. Now, Boston Review has invited a number of other...

China: What’s Next

The Diplomat has launched a special feature on China, featuring slideshows, reporting, analysis, and statistics on a number of issues facing the country. From an article titled, “China’s Bumpy Road Ahead” by...

Minxin Pei: China’s Not a Superpower

The Diplomat has issued a special report called APAC 2020: A decade into ‘The Asian Century’ The Diplomat looks back over the past 10 years, and draws on leading commentators and analysts from around the world to...


In Foreign Policy, Robert Fogel makes a prediction about the Chinese economy 30 years down the road: In 2040, the Chinese economy will reach $123 trillion, or nearly three times the economic output of the entire globe in 2000....

Minxin Pei: Think Again: Asia’s Rise

In Foreign Policy, Minxin Pei offers an alternative perspective to the popular view that Asia’s global dominance is imminent: Asia’s recent track record might seem to guarantee its economic superpower status. Goldman...

Martin Jacques: A New Sun Rises in the East

Martin Jacques writes in the New Statesman: Apart from its extraordinary longevity and bursts of efflorescent invention, the most striking feature of Chinese history is the fact that while Europe, following the fall of the Roman...

Pentagon Preps for Economic Warfare

The Pentagon invited hedge fund managers, professors, and executives at investment banks to participate in the first ever “war game” in an effort to play out scenarios of “how hostile nations might seek to...

After The Olympics: The World in 2009

The Economist released its annual predictions and insights for “The World in 2009”. Here is a summary of what the magazine foresees for China’s new agenda: – Policymakers will “strive to prevent...

The Future of China’s Political-Economic Model

Journalist Ian Buruma and German philosopher Slavoj Zizek separately take a look at the future of capitalism and democracy in China. Buruma writes (via Project Syndicate): To come back from near destitution and bloody tyranny in one generation is a great feat, and China should be saluted for it. But China’s success story is also […]

What Will China Look Like in 2035? – Robert Lawrence Kuhn

From BusinessWeek: In years past, foreigners were skeptical about China, doubting whether it would ever become a stable society and have a decent economy. In years recent, foreigners are nervous about China, worrying whether China will take over the world (at least economically). But how do China’s own researchers and leaders think about the future […]

China’s Road to Peaceful Development and the United States – Wang Jisi (ÁéãËæëÊÄù)

From Real Instituto Elcano website: … Given the opportunities and challenges that China is facing on its road ahead, there is little doubt that Beijing is determined to maintain a peaceful international environment and to expand its economy by peaceful means. China’s ‘peaceful development‘ goals can be achieved only by cooperating with other international players, […]

Soothing China – Lloyd Macauley Richardson

In Hoover Institution’s Policy Review, Lloyd Richardson, a Washington lawyer and former U.S. foreign service officer, reviews The China Fantasy: How Our Leaders Explain Away Chinese Repression by James Mann: … In this new book, Mann examines China’s prospects for a democratic future and finds them dismal. More important, he asks why nobody in the […]

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