Photos: Rising Above China

At Panos Pictures (via Howard French), a set of 63 photographs by Kacper Kowalski shows Chinese industry, agriculture, communities and development from the air: ‘The person who coined the term cityscape must have had China...

iPhone 5 Sets Accessory Makers Scrambling

While Foxconn has reportedly gone to extremes to meet anticipated demand for the new iPhone 5, Apple’s announcement on Wednesday was the starting pistol for other production lines in China as accessory designers finally...

Stephen Mihm and Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Parallel Universes

In Time Magazine, historians of America and China write about commonalities they see between China today and America in the mid-19th century: While we’re too aware of how regularly — and speedily — bold forecasts about...

Can China Reform Itself? – Joseph Kahn

The New York Times looks at the food and export crisis from the perspective of U.S. industry 100 years ago: Like America’s industrializing economy a century ago, China’s is powered by zealous entrepreneurs who sometimes act like pirates. Both countries suffered epidemics of fatal fakes, and both have had regulators who were too inept, corrupt […]

The Birth and Rebirth of Shenzhen – Michael Schuman

From Time Asia: If Shenzhen can leap from assembling basic products with low-wage, poorly skilled labor to nurturing the innovations of lavishly paid talent, it could blaze a trail for the rest of corporate China, which must increasingly develop its own brands, designs and technology to rival those of America, Japan and Europe. It would […]

Photo Series: The Unbearable Heaviness of Industry – Zhou Hai

From Industry provides the impetus for social development. The industrial stablishments upon which modern civilization is built-such as steel-making,imposes a heavy toll on those who take part in the process. These people form the very basis of an enormous infrastructure;yet,they are also seen as outcasts having to endure pain, physical or mental,in this great […]

Second Thoughts – George Wehrfritz

From Newsweek: Steel is the measure of an industrial economy. Or so thought Chairman Mao when, to achieve his utopian Great Leap Forward in 1958, he ordered the masses to quit their communal fields and instead melt woks and teakettles to forge pig iron in farmyard blast furnaces. The man-made famine that followed killed millions. […]

Frederik Balfour and Brian Bremner: Too Many Factories?

From Business Week: …Even as China’s leadership breathes a sigh of relief, the outsize profits of recent years appear to be history, given all the new plants being built. Gluts are emerging in steel, cement, autos, chips, and petrochemicals, dimming the outlook for earnings. In the first four months of 2004, profits at China’s industrial […]

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