Military Fantasy Novels Find Home Online

For Foreign Policy, Isaac Stone Fish and Helen Gao explore the “terrifying” web-based genre of Chinese military fantasy novels: It is the year 2049. China’s economic development has so disturbed the...

Net Turns Cold and Spooky for Fatigued Netizens

At Tea Leaf Nation, Natalie Thomas points to signs that netizens are growing disillusioned with social media as a force for social and political change, as apparent victories turn out to be hollow and numbness sets in. While...

Corruption: The Goldilocks Argument

The subject of corruption and its place in Chinese culture and society has been the focus of vigorous debate. Wen Jiabao stated in March that corruption poses the “most crucial threat” to Party rule; Murong Xuecun...

Chinese Social Networks Explained

Thomas Crampton has posted a short guide to China’s social networks and their users, while at DigiCha, a slideshow by Bill Bishop gives an in-depth explanation of so-called “Twitter clone” Sina Weibo. From ThomasCrampton.com:...

New Breed of Web Giants Emerging in China

Warc.com looks at Google’s recent list of the most popular websites around the world: The potential scale of China’s future trajectory in this area, was shown by the impressive headline scores of some of the...

More Reactions to the “Fabricated Cardboard-Filled Dumplings Story” from Chinese Media and Cyberspace

CDT yesterday followed some first-time online reactions from netizens to the news that the cardboard-filled dumplings story is fabricated. What about China’s mainstream media? Are there voices other than Xinhua’s official version of this story now? Here are excerpts from an editorial on the Southern Metropolis Daily, translated by CDT: …… if we look into […]

QQ numbers: property under law? – Virtual China

Much praise has been showered on China’s passing of its first private property law. Is it time now for one on virtual properties? From Virtual China (photo: QQ dolls via chinanews.com.cn): CNNIC reports that 61% of gamers have had virtual assets stolen and 77% feel that the current online atmosphere is unsafe for virtual assets. […]

QQ: China’s New Coin of the Realm? – WSJ

From the Wall Street Journal: “China’s fastest-rising currency isn’t the yuan. It’s the QQ coin — online play money created by marketers to sell such things as virtual flowers for instant-message buddies, cellphone ringtones and magical swords for online games. In recent weeks, the QQ coin’s real-world value has risen as much as 70%.

Chinese Virtual Currency Gaining Value in the Real World – Virtual China

From Virtual China Blog: Tencent, QQ.com‘s parent company, is being sued by an angry user for impersonating a friend and getting him to link through to a contest site. Damages sought: 40,000 Q coins, and 445 5-digit QQ numbers (see previous post on the value of QQ numbers). Is this the first time that a […]

Southern Weekend Report on Internet controls

Nanfang Zhoumo (Southern Weekend), one of China’s most popular newspapers and part of the independent-minded Southern Daily Group, has published a lengthy report on government efforts to censor the Internet. [UPDATE: ESWN...

A Chinese Chatroom Adventure – ESWN

From The EastSouthWestNorth blog: News media know that they have to keep the excitement level up in order to keep their audience. But news media know that they depend heavily on external development and events (such as the The Fuzhou Bus Explosion), which are beyond their control. During times when nothing new and exciting is […]

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