China to Wage Battle Against Bureaucracy

Chinese people are frustrated by the politicians and their bureaucracy. In this year’s CPPCC, the Communist Party tried to reconfigure the overlapped ones to be more efficient and effecive, from Los Angeles Times :

China usually doesn’t like to air its dirty laundry. But when fighting a wily foe, in this case its own well-entrenched bureaucrats, the leadership isn’t above a bit of guerrilla warfare.

Recently, the China Youth Daily, a mainstream Communist Party newspaper affiliated with President Hu Jintao ‘s power base, released an online survey that found more than 90% of Chinese were fed up with inefficiency and bureaucratic muddle.

The party hopes public shaming will bolster its bid to reconfigure a tangle of overlapping ministries, which have been outpaced by a fast-changing society and economy. The largely symbolic National People’s Congress, which opened its annual two-week session today, is expected to approve proposals on government reform from the senior Communist leadership.

March 5, 2008 9:05 AM
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