Henan Boosts Help to HIV/AIDS Victims (China Daily)

Mar. 3, 2004
By Di Fang

Most of the victims in Central China’s Province have been receiving free medical treatment in the past years thanks to the central and local governments’ enhanced efforts in fighting the deadly virus.

According to a news release from the central government’s Information Office, 4,352 out of the 5,499 confirmed AIDS cases in Henan are being treated with free anti-virus medicines and there is an evident improvement in their condition.

The death rate of AIDS sufferers in Shangcai County, one of the province’s severely hit areas, had dropped markedly last year compared with the previous year, according to statistics from the county.

(Background info:The large-scale outbreak of HIV/AIDS cases in Henan was caused by some farmers from Shangcai County and other poor areas in the province being infected before 1995 while selling blood illegally. so far, 11,844 people in Henan province have tested HIV positive, with 5,499 having full-blown AIDS. )

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March 3, 2004 6:27 PM
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