Group protests China’s Web site crackdown

AP has written about protests against the recent crackdown on university BBS sites:

Chinese censors scour Internet bulletin boards and blogs for sensitive material, and block access to violators. Sites that let the public post comments are told to censor themselves or face penalties.

Shanghai blogger Isaac Mao says restrictions on bulletin boards are likely to push more people to use blogs, which can, if blocked by authorities, be moved to a different server. According to, a Chinese Web log host company, China has about 700,000 such sites.

Mao says it has become harder to know what will raise a red flag with the authorities. “I’m totally confused (about) what kind of words (we) can say or can’t say,” Mao wrote in an e-mail to The AP.

Newsweek also published an article on this topic.

March 27, 2005 5:01 PM
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