‘Mao’: The Real Mao – Nicholas D. Kristof

From the New York Times:

If Chairman Mao had been truly prescient, he would have located a little girl in Sichuan Province named Jung Chang and “mie jiuzu”- killed her and wiped out all her relatives to the ninth degree.

But instead that girl grew up, moved to Britain and has now written a biography of Mao that will help destroy his reputation forever. Based on a decade of meticulous interviews and archival research, this magnificent biography methodically demolishes every pillar of Mao’s claim to sympathy or legitimacy.

See also reviews of this book from the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Washington Times, Christian Science Monitor, and Time Magazine. Links to more reviews are on Arts and Letters Daily. Read the first chapter of the book, via the New York Times.

October 23, 2005 9:54 PM
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