Collection of Quotes from Chinese Factory Owners and Peasant Workers by Wang Ping

From This-Week Online:

“With your right hand, you slip strips of metal under a hammer backed by 4,000 pounds of pressure; with your left, you sweep molded parts into a pile. You do this once a second for a 10-hour shift, minus a half-hour lunch. You must concentrate. You must not lose a beat, or it’s all over.”

–Wang Chenghua, migrant worker with crushed fingers

“You tell them to pay attention and they don’t listen. They have no culture or education. They are told many times to be safe and they just don’t get it.”

–Shi Yanxin, owner of Hua Xin Electronics (China makes 80 percent of the toys sold in America.)

“Construct the World’s Biggest Market. Build an International Shopping Heaven.”

–Neon banners on Yiwu World Trade Center

November 11, 2005 8:27 AM
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